The Necessity of Education

Education is the proeducation_picturecess of developing our body, mind and soul through formal learning. Its necessity cannot be described in words. It is one of the basic needs of a human being. It is essential for any kind of development. It is such a process by which our physical and mental faculties are developed in a balanced way.

So, education is called the backbone of a nation. A body cannot stand upright without a backbone. Similarly, a nation cannot prosper without education. Education are of two kinds — formal education and informal education.

Each type of education is necessary for perfect development of body, mind, and soul. The aim of education is to enlighten the individual, broaden his outlook, refine his sensibility, enhance his ability to the limit, and remove the superstition of his mind.

It promotes mutual understanding among people and provides us with an enlightened awareness which is essential for our being good citizens. It also promotes humanity and universal brotherhood and brings about a change for the better. Educated people are enlightened persons. They can think properly and act rightly. They can acquire values, knowledge, and practical skill. They can do their social duties properly. They know how to earn well and how to spend well. They can distinguish the right from the wrong. They can do their social duties properly.

For these reasons, education is often compared to the light which removes the darkness of ignorance. On the other hand, illiteracy is the root of all ignorance. It frustrates all the development work. The uneducated people cannot understand their good or bad. They are the burden of the society. So, all the people should be properly educated for overall development.

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